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2009-06-23 The 1:43 Blue Bird Space Landing Modules Recovery Complex by YVS Models

The YVS-Models workshop continues the manufacturing of the vehicles from the Soviet Blue Bird Air Force Space Landing Module Recovery Complex that was started back in 2007. Both cargo and staff versions are manufactured.
2009-06-23 1:43 Scale Models of Amphibious BAZ-5921, BAZ-5922 and Modifications by YVS-Models

The YVS-Models Workshop continues making models the series began in 2008 of the amphibious vehicles BAZ-5921,BAZ-5922 and their modifications. Among the models of BAZ-5922 will be fire (cargo, tent and frame), BAZ-5922 cargo (military and geo survey), launcher TOCHKA (BAZ-5921),Transport-and-reload vehicle for the TOCHKA complex (BAZ-5922).
2009-06-23 Models of 8x8 Cargo Trucks ZIL-135LM и ZIL-135LT by YVS-Models

The YVS-Models Workshop issued first 1:43 scale models of the cargo versions of ZIL-135LM and ZIL-135LT.
2009-06-23 1:43 Models of Soviet ZIL-BAZ-135 Vehicles by YVS-Models

The YVS-Models workshop started in December 2008 making models of the ZIL-BAZ-135 8x8 family. The series will include ZIL-135L cargo, ZIL-135LM cargo, ZIL-135LT cargo, BAZ-135L pipe transport, BAZ-135LM lamber trailer, MLRS Launcher BM-27 URAGAN (ZIL-135LM), Transport-and-reload vehicel for MLRS URAGAN (ZIL-135LT).
2009-01-22 NEW 1:43 8x8 Soviet Army MAZ-7510 Heavy Dump Truck by MINIGRAD

MINIGRAD released an army version of the heavy 8x8 dump truck MAZ-7510 - a conversion of the famous MAZ-7310 model by Elecon with a completely reworked chassis, original body, lifting mechanism, fuel tanks, and elements of transmission.
2009-01-22 NEW 1:43 8x8 Soviet Army MAZ-7410 Heavy Tractor Trailer by MINIGRAD

MINIGRAD released a new 1:43 scale model of the Soviet Army heavy 8x8 tractor-trailer MAZ-7410.
2008-11-26 Request for Feedback 1:43 Armor Models in 2009

I would like to seek your input for 2009 production plans of limited edition (20 copies of each) 1:43 scale resin armor similar in quality to YVS Models (MZKT). We have estimated the price of these models to be in the $200-$300 range. Our options include all tanks, APCs, IFVs and vehicles on their chassis. Please click on the header to see a comprehensive list of choices. Current short list:
2008-11-26 Request for Feedback: 1:43 HET-M1070 Limited Edition‏

Over the last three or four years, I received several requests to re-order 1:43 scale models of the US Army HET-M1070. All of them came from the solders who drive these vehicles (back at home or overseas) or their families. These models were produced before in a very limited numbers (if I am not mistaking, only 3 copies were made). Currently, the price to order a single model in resin is $750 (tractor + semitrailer, no load). In an effort to bring the cost down I decided to seek feedback from you and to see if anybody else would be interested in a similar model. Please contact me if you would like to get one of these models, I will discuss the details with you personally.
2008-11-25 RARE 1:43 6x6 Byelorussian Army Truck MAZ-631708-20 made by Adam Zhukovskiy $250

A very small number of extremely rare 1:43 scale models of the Byelorussian Army 6x6 trucks MAZ-631708-20 made by Adam Zhukovskiy are available in Saint Petersburg, Russia for $250 e.a. + shipping. To order, please contact the Webmaster.
2008-11-17 1:43 Models of the Ural-4320-45 6x6 Family of Trucks by Minigrad

The KB "Design" workshop with participation from the Minigrad group will start making models of the Ural-4320-45 family in 1:43 scale. Models are made in traditional Minigrad style: cabins and elements of suspension are made of metal; bodies and other details - of resin. Models were designed using computer technologies, and details were cast using industrial equipment. Currently, two first models are ready: Ural-4320-44 and Ural-5557-44.
2008-11-17 New highway tires ON-47F for mass-production Ural models and conversions

The "KB Design" workshop (member of the Minigrad group) released 1:43 resin ON-47A highway wheels for Ural trucks. These wheels have been used during the deficit period for trucks, tractor-trailers and agriculural vehicles. Two variations of the model of Ural-43202 with these new tires is currently offered. This model also features a new cargo area. The only modification for the tructor-trailer Ural-44202 are the new wheels.
2008-11-17 Cement Mixer ABS-5 on KamAZ-55111 Chassis by Minigrad

Minigrad released the final batch of the ABS-5(KamAZ-55111) models with new cabins and wheels. A new batch may be produced if there is a demand for it. More cement mixer models on different chassis are currently in development.
2006-03-19 FOR SALE: 1:43 Studebaker US6 U3, U4, U7, and U8 by MBK

MBK released four new versions of Studebaker US6 (short base). These are 6x6 and 6x4 cargo variations with or without winches and different cabins U3, U4, U7, and U8. Models are avaialble for $120 + shipping from the US.
2006-03-19 EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 MZKT-7930 by Ad Modum SOLD OUT

Several modifications of the MZKT-7930 model including a version with working headlights are now available.
2006-03-15 EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 Resin US Marine Corps LVTP-7 by MZKT SOLD OUT

MZKT introduced a new model in the "US MC Armored Vehicles" series. This time it is the LVTP-7. Model is available in two colors: olive drab and desert sand.
2006-03-07 EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 Metal handmade AMO Staff Vehicles SOLD OUT

MAL Studio released several new models exclusively for RussianScaleModels: AMO Staff Car, AMO Staff Bus (two variations), and AMO Military Prison Van.
2006-03-01 EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 ML-20 152mm Towed Gun with 8x8 Tractor by AD-MODUM

AD-MODUM released several new exciting 1:43 scale resin models of Russian-made ML-20 152mm towen howitzer-guns used both in the Soviet Army (during and post-WWII) and Wehrmacht (captured). Some models are available with a variety of artillery tractors.
2006-02-26 PICTURES:1:43 Mercedes and Opel Handpainded by Brent Dietrich
2006-02-22 EXCLUSIVE: 1:43 Mercedes-Benz L10000 Grey-Blue $300
2006-02-19 FOR SALE: 1:43 Metal handmade WWI Russo-Balt Cars and Trucks $60

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